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      We maintain the value of your home.

      Residential property management services are one of the basic business sectors of Vanke Service.
      Based on the “Farsighted Service” system, we provide excellent safety management, landscaping, cleaning,
      and facility maintenance services to our customers.


      Over 1,760 projects
      people in3.94million,more than11.74million.assets worth more thanRMB5.59trillion.
      Approximately 60,000 employees

      Property Management Projects

      The classic work of Vankemodel work for other properties

      Farsighted Service System

      The Farsighted Service System is a set of web-based solutions developed by Vanke Service for the purpose of solving some tough problems faced by the industry.

      The Farsighted Service System is a set of internet-based solutions developed by Vanke Service for the purpose of solving some tough problems faced by the industry. The system is composed of four sub-systems:
      a standard training system, a professional property manager team, a partnership management system, and a “Smart” platform data management system.

      • Standard training system

        Professional competence training and certification services are provided based on Vanke Service’s rich RH resources and project management experience.

      • Property manager team

        Butler service: Every 500 owners share a grid butler who provides the owners with unexpectedly thoughtful and careful services.

      • Partnership management system

        A management center is established based on the partnership system to perform contracts on behalf of Vanke Service.

      • “Smart” platform data management system

        The core of the Farsighted Service System comprises a set of web-based applications and systems, including the FM system, War Map System, "Live Here" APP, and business supporting system which act as different platforms that link Vanke Service with customers and employees.

      Three installments of the “Farsighted Service” system series have been launched so far.

      “Farsighted Service” system 1.0 gathers the basic information of people and objects online. “Farsighted Service” system 2.0 connects people with objects. “Farsighted Service” system 3.0 connects people with wealth and objects. Through web-based applications and systems, Vanke Service has realized data-base management of people, wealth, and objects, for the purpose of creating better communities through transparent property management.

      • ““Farsighted Service” system1.0

        gathers the basic information of people and objects online.

        “Farsighted Service” system 1.0 gathers the basic information of people and objects online. In the War Map System, each project has its longitude and latitude, each piece of equipment has its identification number, and each employee has his QR code like roads and vehicles in Uber.

      • “Farsighted Service” system2.0

        connects people with objects.

        “Farsighted Service” system 2.0 connects people with objects. Through apps like “Live Here” and "Work Here", reports and work orders are all released and handled online.

      • “Farsighted Service” system3.0

        connects people with wealth and objects.

        “Farsighted Service” system 3.0 connects people with wealth and objects. The contract system and business supporting system are integrated, and an online resource system is created for employee supervision, realizing the date-based management of people, wealth and objects.

      Company History

      • 1990

        Vanke Property expanded business to property management, and carried out its first property management project —Shenzhen Tianjing Garden.

      • 1991

        Vanke originally proposed the co-management model of combining owner's autonomy with professional property management, and the first owners’ committee in China was established by Vanke Property. The model was later included in the Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Property Management in Residential Quarters, and widely applied.

      • 1996

        Vanke obtained the first ISO9000 Certification issued by a foreign institution.

      • 2005

        Vanke originally proposed the concept of “property management center”, and took the lead in changing “Property Management Office” to “Property Management Center”.

      Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

      Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049

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