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      a supplier of intelligent property  
      management technology and operation schemes

      Based on insights into real estate and property management, Vanrui’s intelligent business team provides residential communities, commercial complexes, office buildings, hotels and public buildings with full-cycle, all-round and one-stop building services including consultation, design, construction, integration, operation and maintenance. Presently, the team has pushed the boundary of its expertise to supporting services like operation and maintenance for building electromechanical equipment.

      • Intelligentizing scope

        Residential community, commercial complex, office building, industrial park, public building

        Service scope

        Vanrui offers all-round services and integrated solutions to building intelligentizing. From consultation, design, construction, system integration to later-stage technical support, it continuously follows up every aspect of projects, and provides its characteristic “4 ones” integrated intelligent community solutions and universal weak electricity intelligentizing system schemes covering comprehensive wiring, network monitoring, building intercom system and elevator five-party intercom. Meanwhile, it advocates intelligent, humanistic and environment-friendly concepts and devotes itself to building model projects for intelligent building industry.

        Project advantages

        Rich experience in implementing projects covering an area of 40,000,000 m2 and managing project construction 。
        Construction by its own construction team without subcontracting  
        Group purchasing, cooperation with mainstream brands and standard supply management system
        A network that covers45cities,employs2,400 employees,and quickly responds to after-sale service request  
        Standard construction procedure that ensures high construction quality and short duration.

      • Facilities and Equipment Maintenance

        Relying on rich industry experience and technical strength, Vanrui Building Service Management offers professional maintenance solutions for a wide range of building facilities and equipment through rigorous standardized operation procedures including inspection, maintenance, and care among others.
        Having 46 outlets in operation in domestic cities, we are ready to furnish rapid material supply and after-sales service for all kinds of urban projects. With consummate service system and staff for facility maintenance, we can solve issues in building intelligentizing system operation in a timely manner, ensure improved equipment management efficiency, cost control and optimization, bring other improvements, and realize whole-process controlled management of building service operation and maintenance.

        Equipment Maintenance

        Standardized services covering inspection, maintenance, care etc are provided for a wide range of buildings. By adopting EBA (Easy Building Automation), remote control and management over building service and technician in service can be easily realized, put in place a building operation and management mechanism of high efficiency and energy conservation.

        Improved Security and Performance

        Through applying new smart products and innovative features to upgrade equipment security, the overall work efficiency of building service is enhanced, with operation expenses and labor costs decreased.

        Equipment Upgrade

        Professional and reasonable building service upgrading scheme is formulated after maintaining and inspecting inefficient outdated equipment. By conducting renovation to existing old projects, we save maintenance costs for clients while ensuring normal operation of building system in entirety.

      • Intelligent Door

        Intelligent Door Black Cat One
        Currently 74 Projects In Service Throughout the Nation
        The intelligent door keeper supports passage of non-motorized vehicles like bicycle and pram, with anti-tail feature, allows multiple unlocking ways including mobile, face recognition, ID card among others, downsizes personnel while ensuring good interaction between human and machine.

        Intelligent Parking

        Intelligent Parking Black Cat Two
        Currently having been applied in parking lots of 358 projects nationwide,
        this is your dream product helping usher in the era of unmanned parking lot.

        Intelligent Communication

        Novel mode of audio and video communication. With a cell phone, the traditional indoor functions can be realized, changing the wired communication mode used to be adopted in the community, opening up a brand new communication channel, novel functional modules being added, it supports multiple community application scenes, costing less than conventional products.

        Intelligent Access Control

        Currently over 500 Vanrui integrated access control systems are in service throughout the country,
        supporting multiple ways of opening.

      Contract projects

      The first itemResidential building projects Non-residential building projects

      Qualification Certificate

      Anti-tail intelligent door system

      remote property equipment monitoring system

      Vanrui building automation data collection service management software

      an expanded GPIO-based intelligent door system

      intelligent barrier system

      Rui parking cloud platform software

      Vanrui EBA data collection server system software

      67 patent applications

      Service Scope

      • South China:

        GuangZhou ShenZhen DongWan HuiZhou FoShan QingYuan ZhuHai ZhongShan XiaMen QuanZhou FuZhou PuTian SanYa HaiKou NanNing BeiHai

      • East China:

        ShangHai HanZhou JiaXing NingBo WenZhou NanJing SuZhou WuXi XuZhou NanTong YangZhou ZhengJiang HeFu WuHu

      • Southwest China:

        ChongQian ChengDu NanChong GuiYang KunMing

      • North China:

        BeiJing TianJin JiNan QingDao YanTai TaiYuan

      • Central China:

        WuHan ChangSha NanChang

      • Northwest China:

        XiAn ZhenZhou KaiFeng YinChuang XiNing LanZhou

      • Northeast China:

        ShenYang DaLian FuShun AnShan

      Project advantages

      Vanrui’s featured FM equipment and facility management platform helps to realize the transformation from paper-based equipment and facility management to a digitalized one by means of on-line operation, energy consumption, reporting, organization and personnel management. Through the operation definition process, operation data management is realized to ensure standardized operation and better assist basic property service.

      • Expertise Online Search
      • Procedure Guide, Implementation and Tracking
      • Online Platform Management Data
      • Quality and Efficiency Betterment

      Anti-tail intelligent door system

      remote property equipment monitoring system

      Vanrui building automation data collection service management software

      an expanded GPIO-based intelligent door system

      intelligent barrier system

      Rui parking cloud platform software

      Vanrui EBA data collection server system software

      67 patent applications

      Contact Us

      Shenzhen Vanrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

      Address: Vanke Center, No.63 Meilin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen



      Official Website of Vanrui Technology

      Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

      Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049

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