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      V-Selfstorage Warehousing Expert By Your Side

      Devoted to offering convenient and safe article safekeeping service for individual, family and corporate clients,
      V-Selfstorage always upholds the concept of Expand Your Life Space, aiming at creating humanity-featured community and promoting quality life style, through continuous efforts of 5 years,
      has already established outlets in core cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou etc.

      Product Characteristics

      We provide article safekeeping service for individual, family and corporate clients

      • Products of Top Standard Configuration

        Community Mini Storage, Intelligent Storage Cabinet

      • Professional Service

        Well-trained Client Service Team, Highly-efficient Sales Team, Industry Leading IT Team

      • Intelligent Service

        Constant temperature, dust removal and mothproof, real-time monitoring, smog alarm, thoroughly interconnected, appointment by one-touch, intelligent payment

      • Multiple Scenarios

        Community, creator factory, young professional’s apartment, colleges, airport and station, shopping plaza etc.

      Home furniture and appliances temporary storage during redecoration Home furniture and appliances temporary storage during house tenancy Luggage temporary storage during migration and house moving A new member is born to the family Commemoration of graduation season Happily married 30-year’s entrepreneurial milestone Seasonal cloths and toys arrangement Sports equipment, garment and gadget Antique painting, calligraphy, and stationary Unused clothes, shoes, bags

      Rigid demand

      Emotional support

      Need for better quality of life

      Development Course

      • 2016

        V-Selfstorage Initiation; V-Selfstorage joined hands with Greenland, Poly, Galaxy Property, Excellence Property, Hazens and other property service companies for strategic cooperation; 200 outlets covering 6 core cities of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing

      • 2015

        65 outlets in 10 cities; V-Selfstorage WeChat Official Account V2.0 Launched; Vanke All Warehouse Design V3.0 Upgrade Completed; Vanke All Warehouse offered self storage solutions for Greenland, Yanlord, Minmetals, Capital Airports Real Estate Property Management and Zohoo Logistics

      • 2013

        38 outlets in 7 cities; V-Selfstorage Upgraded to V2.0; Focused in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to serve 51,400 households, with average annual occupancy rate up to 75% on a national scale; Shenzhen Vanke All Warehouse Storage Co., Ltd established

      • 2011

        Vanke Property put forward the urban supporting service concept, and started to provide V-Selfstorage service

      Scope of Business
      Over 200 Chained Outlets Nationwide, Warehousing Expert by Your Side

      V-Selfstorage service is available at the following cities:

      • Beijing

      • Shanghai

      • Shenzhen

      • Guangzhou

      • Hangzhou

      • Nanjing

      Serve Clients

      Add: 1402, Building 1, Phase 1, Excellence City, Zhongkang Road, Futian District



      Visit Official Website of V-Selfstorage

      Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

      Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049

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