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      [Express] Present enjoyable brilliance High-end Property Management Industry Seminar Salon of Vanke Service was held in Shanghai.

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      The soaring trees look like shepherd's purse and the sandbank looks like the moon while overlooking by the river. On Oct. 10, the second day after the National Day Golden Week, Vanke Service held the "Present enjoyable brilliance High and sense the quality in detail --High-end Property Management Industry Seminar Salon of Vanke Service beside the Huangpu River. The representatives from Vanke Real Estate, well-known partners of other industries (Banyan Tree, BGI and Hikvision), owners committee, industry experts and media representatives gathered together to discuss the development direction and trend of high-end property management in the future. At the meeting, representatives from various fields also launched their views and expectations on the high-end management industry in combination with their own enterprise characteristics.

      Mr. He Shuhua, CMO of Vanke Service and the general manager of Shanghai Branch delivered a welcoming speech. He said that property management in mainland started later, and very few enterprises conducted systematic summary. In order to keep up with consumption upgrading of customers and upgrading of industrial structure, as an explorer and commonly used organization representative which always keeps upgrading in real estate industry, Vanke Service hopes to discuss with all the guests on the development of high-end property management of China in the future, and hopes that this Seminar Salon can produce some imagination for high-end property management services of China.  

      Mr. Jin Xin, the brand director of Vanke Service, shared the research report on the development trend of high-end property management with the guests. The report includes four aspects: market segmentation, user portrait, imagination of property management trend in the future, and expectation of product design. In addition, it is declared that Vanke Service may activate Vanke Service Research Institute to accumulate some data observation and analysis for the industry together with some third party research institutions and expert resources to create a think-tank platform for property management industry.  

      Yang Zhimin, an industrial expert representative, vice chairman and secretary-general of Shenzhen Transparent and Harmonious Community Promotion Center, proposed from an industry perspective that high-end property management is to transit from making customer feel relieved to making them feel happy; and put forward proposals from the perspectives of service, market, policy analysis and so on. We expected that property management industry can consider the requirements from all aspects and make every effort to reach win-win and co-existence.    

      Lu Yihua, the project marketing director of Shanghai Vanke Service, believed that the property developer should be responsible for hardware development from the developer's perspective. However, the value-added services of high-end real estate, including the integrity of the whole high-end life, are completed based on the property management system. The demand increasing of invisible consumption and unostentatious consumption arising from consumption upgrading means service demand upgrading required by the high net worth individuals. Real estate and property management industry shall jointly consider the upgrading. Therefore, both parties can grow together thus to provide more and more lasting value services for the customer.

      Chen Fuxiang, the director of Tixiang Villa Owners Committee, Li Ziyi, the director of East Linyinhupan Owners Committee, Lu Yihua, the project marketing director of Shanghai Vanke Service, Yang Zhimin, the vice chairman and secretary-general of Shenzhen Transparent and Harmonious Community Promotion Center and Liu Shengmin participated in the salon seminar together. They performed service scenario visualization, and discussed market opportunities and service contents of high-end property management industry from the perspective of the owners, developers and industrial experts.  

      With the increasing demands of marketization, it is more and more urgent to build the brand and market demands of differentiated services. High-end property management brand is still at the blank stage in China which is a challenge as well as an opportunity. Vanke Service acquired a lot of information and enlightenment based on the presentations and views of the brand partners, industrial experts, developers and owners participated in the Salon. It is even more confident and firmly for the development of high-end property management market.  

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