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      Vanke Service: Consistently create "Farsighted Service", and stay true to the mission to realize industrial win-win.

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      On Oct. 11, the First International Property Management Industry Expo opened in Shenzhen. More than 200 domestic and foreign excellent development enterprises, property service enterprises, product suppliers, service agencies etc. from property management industry chain gathered at the fair. At the Property Management Industry Expo, the exhibition stands of many property service enterprises showed the message that the whole property management industry is developing toward technicalization, intellectualization and ecosphere creating.

      With the marketization development of the property management industry, as a market leader of property management industry in China, Vanke Service launched a variety of diversified cooperation modes including Farsighted Service, general brand entrusting and equity cooperation. The exhibition stands of Vanke Service also revealed its efforts on marketization and enterprise social responsibility, including promote friendly neighborhood program for long-term, creating transparent communities etc. In addition, they also demonstrated the attitude of adhering to open cooperation and the concept of win-win cooperation of Vanke Service.

      (Picture: Mr. Zhu Baoquan, CEO of Vanke Service is making on-site explanation for Yang Hong, a member of Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee.)

      (Picture: Exhibition stands of Vanke Service)

      Initiate marketization and launch "Farsighted Service"

      In recent years, property service industry has developed rapidly, property management area has significantly increased, and the number of property service enterprises increased rapidly. Furthermore, various kinds of problems emerged successively, such as owners' distrust, labor costs rising, insufficient monitoring arising from project dispersion which have become the bottlenecks restricting the development of property management enterprises.

      As a leader enterprise in property management industry, Vanke Service innovatively launched "Farsighted Service" cooperation mode. After the Farsighted Service certification of an enterprise reached certain amount or all the projects are Farsighted Service certified, it will be invited by Vanke Service to join "SmartAlliance". In 2016, "SmartAlliance" of Vanke Service expanded rapidly. More and more property management companies have become the cooperative partners of Vanke Service Farsighted Service, including Qingdao Tianyi Renhe, Beijing KINVO, Zhejiang Zancheng Group and Zhuhai Great AIM etc. distributed from the north to the south. Vanke Service and multiple SmartAlliance partners work together and grow together.  

      In 2015, Vanke Service welcomed the first year of overall marketization. The contract area has doubled from 100 million m2 to 210 million m2 sharply. In 2016, it entered the second year of marketization. Vanke Service maintained the growth rate and added 210 Farsighted Service cooperative partners. It submitted satisfactory performance for marketization development.

      Beside "Farsighted Service" cooperation mode, general brand entrusting, equity cooperation etc. present more diverse cooperation modes after marketization of Vanke Service.  

      Guolingli, Beijing is the first community that Vanke Service accepted Owners Committee entrusting after marketization. In the past, due to the poor quality of the site management service, the Owners Committee of Guolingli had changed the property management company for three times. After that, the Owners Committee of Guolingli reached cooperation with Vanke Service. Since the settling of Vanke Service on May 1, 2015, Vanke Service took a lot of corrective actions covering site environment, service quality, facility equipment etc., and has been widely acclaimed by the owners.

      The "Farsighted Service" system has been continuously upgrading. Technological innovation has deepened the market reform.

      The rapid expansion of "SmartAlliance" is closely related to the consistent upgrading and improving of the "Farsighted Service" system of Vanke Service.

      From Farsighted Service 1.0 to Farsighted Service 2.0, Vanke Service has been continuously enriching the contents and has realized the system of People + things + Internet. After updating to Farsighted Service 3.0, however, it started to simplify. With the continuous upgrading of "Farsighted Service", a large closed loop consisting of a platform and eight products which has realized the organic connection of people, money and things. Mr. Zhu Baoquan, the CEO of Vanke Service, said that after the "Farsighted Service" is updated to Ver. 3.0, it has returned to original simplicity. The Internet + property management is realized by two QR codes in nature. The two QR codes represent the two organic constituent parts of Farsighted Service, "Live Here APP" and "Work Here APP".

      By scanning the QR codes posted in the elevator with a mobile phone, the owner can check whether nearly 40 maintenance procedures are properly implemented, whether troubles have been resolved, and can take photos for verification clearly. And as long as log in the Live Here APP, the owner can check out all the events occurred in a community, supervise the service team and carry out evaluation. Thanks to the mobile terminal, Farsighted Service 3.0 creates a transparent staff working system. The employees can carry out mobile scheduling, check in and attendance by using the "Work Here APP". "Public advertising income, rental income etc." other than property service charge should be disclosed to the owner. The owner can scan the QR codes posted besides elevator advertising by using the "Live Here APP" to learn the elevator advertising income except for property service charge thus to realize simplified and transparent property expenditure.

      The Friendly Neighborhood Program assists assets appreciation and maintenance and highlights competitive advantages.

      The launch of "Farsighted Service" and establishment of "Smart Alliance" are significantly important for industry reform. Vanke Service promotes the Friendly Neighborhood Program and creates the sunshine community to realize assets appreciation and maintenance of house assets thus to further highlight the unique advantages in marketization competition.

      In Sept. 2016, Vanke Service officially launched "Friendly Neighborhood Program". By using the "neighbor market" of "Live Here" APP, Vanke Service promises zero profit. Invest the donated money in the community for hardware updating and cultural construction. Gather the force of neighbors to help owners to realize assets appreciation and maintenance.  

      As long as the owner buys the product or service from the "neighbor market" of "Live Here" APP, the merchant will donate a certain amount of funds to the "Friendly Neighborhood Program". After nearly a year of updating, the "Neighborhood Market" has accumulated food and oil, eggs and milk, fruits, vegetables, household and other daily necessities. The well-known Internet e-commerce platform "Benlai.com" started to serve for the "Neighborhood Market", and open the supply chain to the community.

      At present, "Friendly Neighborhood Program" has been gradually implemented in 63 communities. Donghai Garden, Shenzhen  initiated the community "Children Books Drifting Plan" in the community with 10,000 Yuan; Park Avenue, Shenzhen widened the 198m pedestrian walkway for 1m with the 10,100.6 Yuan of "friendly neighborhood fund" collected by the "Friendly Neighborhood Program"; Chengdu Meilizhicheng will use the money collected from the "Friendly Neighborhood Program", more than 40,000 Yuan, to solve most common requirements currently proposed by project owners, and increase leisure tables, chairs and fitness equipment for the community.

      (Picture: Screenshot of "Live Here APP of Vanke Service")

      The sustainable and repeatable Friendly Neighborhood Program has been welcomed by many owners. It not only makes the property more transparent and promotes the establishment of the Sunshine Community, but also makes the owner's consumption become the strength for assets appreciation and maintenance. Over the last year, 120,000 neighbors became consumers of the "Friendly Neighborhood Program". They contributed to community building and maintenance through everyday consumption.  

      At the 2017 Real Estate Brand Value Research Results Launch Event, Vanke Service was honored as the first prize of Chinese Property Brand Value List with a brand value of 7.52 billion Yuan. In addition, it was awarded of "2017 leading brand enterprise for Chinese property service specialization and operating" and a "leading brand of 2017 Chinese property service quality". Vanke Service has consolidated its position as the leading enterprise in the property management industry after being honored as the first prize of 2017 top 100 property management enterprises.

      Media cooperation

      For media cooperation and interview requests, please contact us.


      Address: Meilin Vanke Center, No 63, Meilin Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen

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